Sunday, May 9, 2010

Facebook automatic birthday wishes

I've always wanted to see a facebook app to automatically respond to friends birthdays... not because I'm lazy to log in everyday (don't ask why then do I have an account :) but because I care for each of my friends. Anyway, since I don't know how to write an FB app I used this nice app called FBCMD (this gives command line access to FB) to send b'day greetings to all my friends.

I wrote this tiny script to check b'days of my friends and send greetings. Of course the greetings are random and customizable...and you can ignore friends that you don't want to greet (though I don't use this feature :)

You need to have working FBCMD and python installations. Setting up is just as easy. Add it to scheduled tasks or anacron or whatever and you have a personal assistant to greet friends everyday.. enjoy !