Monday, January 21, 2008

Break / Bypass download limit !! Hack the squid proxy :-)

Many http proxies enforce a download limit to users.e.g no downloads over 5MB
It is really horrible... if you can download 10 files of 1MB this is simply $%%%

while trying to figure out a workaround I found this very simple method...
why not fool the proxy saying we are downloading only small files ?

Here's a small script to do it. It works with squid proxies.
Download it from here

I wrote its initial version in C. However, it became quite difficult to install because of externel dependancies. But this will work if you have perl & curl which all systems usually have...

If you like this pls link to this page and make this popular... I'd like to see people removing this stupid download limit thing and make the www free !

enjoy breaking limits !!

pls report dead link to